Balmy Nights

Maximum Quantity: 1

The "Balmy Nights" necklace is long, knotted, bold, and dreamy! Filled with good vibes, this bohemian necklace is full of good vibes! Aids in promoting purification, inner power, stress relief, protection, manifestation, deep peace, and love.

- One of a kind. You will receive this exact necklace photographed
- 10mm smooth Lapis Lazuli
- 14mm faceted Berry Cats Eye rondelle
- 24K Gold electroplated arrowhead pendant approx. 3 inch height x 1 inch width
- 24K Gold plate over Sterling Silver beads
- Faceted magenta Chalcedony stone clasp
- Knotted black hemp
- Blue leather
- Approx. 39 inches long