Aphrodite Necklace

The "Aphrodite" necklace is a whole lot of magic in one strand. Raw faceted Rose Quartz stones intermingle with sky blue Turquoise, setting it off with Mother of Pearl branches sitting center stage. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aid in promoting unconditional love, self-love, mother love, romantic love, platonic love, protection, purification, healing, positive thinking, serenity, peace, balance, dispelling of negative energy, alignment of all chakras, calmness, and good fortune. 

Bella Luna Necklace

Beauty at every turn, the "Bella Luna" necklace marries Peruvian Opals blues to Chrysoprase's greens, with touches of fiery Rubies. Anchored by a Mother of Pearl crescent moon pendant, this is a necklace to love. These gemstones aid in promoting passion, happiness, healing, courage, high energy, prosperity, balance, zest for life, spiritual protection, communication, stability, higher consciousness, activation and energizing of heart and sacral chakras, adaptability, stress reduction, self-love, joy, and wealth.

Big Blue Sea Necklace

The "Big Blue Sea" tusk necklace is bohemian luxury at its finest. A beautifully raw carved bone tusk pendant swings below a rare cut of faceted teardrop Lapis Lazuli briolettes, accented with moody Black Spinel, raw matte periwinkle Chalcedony, and a solo genuine Ruby briolette. These gemstones aid in promoting passion, love, purification, manifestation, inner power, stress relief, powerful protection, intuition, healing, courage, prosperity, and happiness. 

Blessed Life Necklace

The "Blessed Life" necklace is made of a mixture exotic reclaimed wood, Amethyst, Sugilite, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Turquoise, Garnet, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, and Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aid in promoting happiness, dispelling of negative energy, emotional balance, nurture, energy, endurance, stability, creativity, comfort, spiritual growth, pleasure, success, confidence, protection, healing, positive transformation, balance, stress relief, purification, strength, positive thinking, courage, harmony, rebirth, self-esteem, emotional warmth, serenity, good luck, love, and prosperity.

Blessed One Necklace

A dreamy and soulful Zuni pendant with sky blue Turquoise is the starstruck focus of the "Blessed One" necklace, with Black Onyx, glistening Moonstone, faceted Rubies, and Thai Silver. This long beauty is filled with positive energy. THese gemstones aid in promoting healing, wellness, powerful protection, happiness, love, serenity, passion, abundance, purification, serenity, balance, wisdom, strength, positive thinking, dispelling of negative energy, mothering, nurture, easy childbirth, safe travels, new beginnings, courage, high energy, inspiration, joy, stamina, self-control, peace, prosperity, and good luck. 

Blue Tide Necklace

A dreamy raw sky blue Turquoise pendant is the centerpiece of the "Blue Tide" necklace, along with two sparkling Chalcedony briolettes, and metallic bronze baroque Pearls. Filled with good vibes, these gemstones aid in promoting purification, protection, serenity, balance, love, strength, peace, abundance, prosperity, positive thinking, wellness, healing, emotional balance, energy, stamina, nurture, and good luck. Native Americans have long believed that Turquoise brings long life to the wearer.

Bohemian Tigress Necklace

Glints of Mediterranean blue Apatite stones dance around the "Bohemian Tigress" necklace. Anchored by a faceted Sea Agate pendant with Mystic Sapphires swinging below, this beauty also includes Whisky Quartz discs, beautifully smooth Tigers Eye rondelles, and Karen Hill Tribe Silver. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aid in promoting protection, grounding, courage, empowerment, clear thinking, manifestation, healing, clarity, calmness, intuition, centering, balance, creative expression, wisdom, meditation, focus, unconditional love, peace, harmony, and good luck. 

Burst of Love Necklace

Beams of faceted fuchsia Chalcedony electrify the "Burst of Love" necklace, with sky blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, shimmering Labradorite, and a sun drenched heart pendant. Incredibly unique and filled with good vibes, these gemstones aid in promoting love, purification, dispelling of negative energy, peace, serenity, positive transformation, positive thinking, healing, wellness, harmony, protection, abundance, emotional balance, energy, vitality, and good luck.