Bali Dreams Earrings

The "Bali Dreams" earrings were inspired by the magically serene and tranquil waters that surround the islands of Bali. Shimmering faceted Aqua Chalcedony stones, along with iridescent accents of Labradorite, make up these sensual beauties. Filled with good vibes, these gemstones aid in promoting bringing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit into harmony, vitality, endurance, energy, nurture, transformation, dispelling of negative energy, and strengthening of will. 

Dream Garden Earrings

Glorious genuine Rubies wink and shine above beautifully raw Ruby Fuchsite stone pendants in the "Dream Garden" earrings. Ruby crystals sometimes grow naturally within Fuchsite, and as you can see, the results are stunning. These gemstones aid in promoting happiness, courage, resilience, energy shifts into positive channels, passion, self worth, healing, power, high energy, balance, wealth, removal of negative energies from your path, and prosperity.  

Joyful Soul Earrings

The "Joyful Soul" earrings interpret wild beauty with natural faceted Chrysoprase briolettes and dancing Amethyst stones. These gorgeous statement earrings are filled with good vibes, and these gemstones aid in promoting the healing of mind, body, and soul. Also promoting hope, joy, inner peace, spiritual awareness, balance, and positive transformation.

Lotus Blossom Earrings

Rubies, Amethyst, 24K Vermeil

Mykonos Earrings

The "Mykonos " crescent moon earrings were inspired by my times spent in Greece. Sparkling Rubies represent the abundant pomegranate trees that grow wildly there, faceted Turquoise briolettes represent the heavenly aqua blue Mediterranean Sea that takes your breath away, and the 24K Gold Vermeil crescent moons represent the balmy summer nights we spent dancing under the moon. These gemstones aid in promoting passion, happiness, high energy, prosperity, courage, positive thinking, purification, healing, abundance, wellness, peace, serenity, harmony, zest for life, balance, protection, strength, alignment of all chakras, dispelling of negative energy, love, and good luck. 

Ruby Kisses Earrings (G)

Rubies, Labradorite, 24K Gold Vermeil

Sea Bliss Earrings

Turquoise, Solar Quartz, 14K Gold Fill

Sea of Love Earrings

 Lapis Lazuli, Prehnite, 14K Gold Fill