Blissful Wahine Bracelet

When I was a girl, beautifully exotic Hawaiian women would greet you straight off of the airplane with a kiss and a sweet-smelling Plumeria lei. The "Blissful Wahine" bracelet was inspired by those happy childhood memories. Made with aloha, raw Peruvian Opals are nestled between Peach Moonstone, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Chrysoprase, and Jasper. Filled with good vibes, these gemstones aid in promoting courage, love, creativity, communication, happiness, nurture, mothering, new beginnings, spiritual insight, abundance, wisdom, cleansing, harmony, powerful protection, calmness, positive thinking, balance, stability, higher consciousness, positive transformation, healing, meditation, stress-relief, and good luck.

Heavenly Blue Bracelet

The three strands of Karen Hill Tribe Silver light up the "Heavenly Blue" bracelet, with smooth Iolite stones, accented with a faceted Carnelian briolette, and genuine Ruby. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aid in promoting power, inner strength, detoxification, self confidence, passion, creativity, rebirth, memory, harmony, courage, and happiness. 

Heavenly Ways Bracelet

The four-strand "Heavenly Ways" bracelet is richly organic and awesomely beautiful. Three-sided Karen Hill Tribe Silver beads shine bright with pink and bronze Jasper rondelles. Filled with good vibes, these gemstones aid in promoting relaxation, healing, nurture, tranquility, balance of yin and yang energy, courage, and protection against negative energy. 

Horizon of Peace Bracelet

Aqua Druzy, Lemon Quartz, Ruby, 24K Gold Vermeil

Jump for Joy Bracelet

Beautifully raw Chrysoprase and natural smooth Amethyst are the shining stars of the "Jump for Joy" bracelet. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aids in promoting love, inner peace and healing, positive transformation, balance, stress relief, joy, healing of mind, body, and soul, stability, hope, and protection. 

Magical Places Bracelet

Fantastically raw gemstones make up the "Magical Places" two-strand bracelet. Brilliant and natural faceted Chrysoprase stones are delicately wire wrapped, along with Strawberry Quartz rondelles, to showcase a shimmering Rhodochrosite geode. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aid in promoting self-love, harmony, clairty, higher conciousness, balance, calmness, spiritual protection, healing, comfort, energy, compassion, positive thinking, passion, stability, adaptability, zest and dispelling of negative energy. 

Summer Love Bracelet

Rose Quartz, Turquoise, and Ruby echo the magical colors of beach side views in this "Summer Love" bracelet. Bursting with good vibes, these gemstones aid in promoting love, happiness, peace, healing, alignment of all chakras, positive thinking, zest for life, courage, wellness, passion, harmony, abundance, protection from negative energy, prosperity, and good fortune. 

Universal Love Bracelet

The "Universal Love" bracelet is a rare convergence of colorful treasures - Magenta Tigers Eye, faceted Chrysoprase, and Black Onyx, anchored by Pearl Chalcedony and a faceted Sleeping Beauty briolette. Filled with positive energy, these gemstones aid in promoting love, protection, purification, balance, wisdom, positive thinking, strength, peace, serenity, dispelling of negative energy, willpower, grounding, courage, happiness, prosperity, higher consciousness, abundance, and good luck.