The photo above is a portion of Sia's first collection in 1999. The Garnet Cuff was bought by her very first celebrity customer, Alanis Morissette at Fred Segal. 


A little bit of the history…

MY PEACE & LOVE was reborn in 2009, by designer Sia.

Sia first began dabbling with making jewelry while she was in high school. As a little girl, two of her favorite places to play were in her grandmother's jewelry box and her mom's jewelry drawer. All of the colors, sparkles and stones were magical to her. At the age of nine while on a family vacation in Hawaii, Sia attempted to make jewelry out of sea weed and shells. Although the collection amused the family, the whole sea weed jewelry concept never took off. Wonder why? Ha!

Grandma Dorothy

After moving to Los Angeles, Sia attended the Gemological Institute Of America in Santa Monica where she earned a degree in Gemology. Having grown up in the Midwest dreaming of the ocean, finding inspiration by the Pacific wasn't a hard thing to do. 

Experiencing a vivid dream about a necklace one night lead Sia to create her first collection of jewelry. Her creations were quickly picked up by several boutiques in Los Angeles and after catching the eye of a rep, transcended into boutiques and stores across the country. Sia's jewelry was also featured many times in print publications, on television and worn by celebrities.  

Sia suffered a serious health set back which caused her to have to step away from the business for a while. It was during this time that a good friend offered her the mantra, “Peace & Love.” Her friend told her to repeat those words to herself over and over again, while imagining body filling up with it.The whole concept behind it is to invite these things into your life. It may sound unusual but it worked! Those simple, yet soothing words brought Sia a lot of Peace...and Love. 

While traveling through Sedona, Arizona during her recovery, she became so hypnotized and inspired by the beautiful surroundings that she knew it was time to get back to doing one of the things that she loves most…creating beautiful treasures! Sia believes that jewelry is wearable art and a beautiful form of self expression. She finds inspiration in so many things including but not limited to color, landscape, art, mood and texture. Sia travels all around in search of interesting and unique materials to use in her designs. The gemstones that she choose come from all over the world. Sometimes she has a design idea and goes on a hunt to find the perfect materials to accomplish it with. Yet other times her designs happen organically, by falling in love with certain stone combinations or colors and letting that piece of jewelry take on a life of it's own.